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In product management we take care of the DPX product family throughout the product life cycle and develop the competitiveness of the DPX waveguide. This means identifying what our customers want and what the market needs, developing and commercializing the product family, and taking care of retiring our products at the end of their life cycle.

Our job is to figure out the technical targets, get feedback from customers to find out what they need, and work out how our DPX technology fits strategically with our customer’s applications. In a nutshell, our goal is to make sure that our customer virtual display device applications have a competitive edge.

Because we’re responsible for the supply chain we’re very close to the customer in terms of the life cycle of the finished DPX waveguide. We have a big-picture view over the technology and how the market is developing, and strong connections with all stakeholders. Internally, we make sure that the different technology development teams within Dispelix can work together seamlessly and manage the DPX product development roadmap.


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